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We make wholesome food bars for pre-conception to post-pregnancy and for energy and nourishment – Super food for the whole family!

HELLO! I’m Sharon Kaur, the founder of Freida’s Pantry and creator of Freida’s Feeding Food, Freida’s Fertile Food and Freida’s Supercharged Food. All our delicious bars are based on a traditional recipe, used for centuries in the Eastern world for healthy pregnancies, recovery post-birth and the extra energy you need when living a full and rewarding life.

As a busy working mum with three young children, I know just how hard it can be to always eat well. Nowadays we lead such fast-paced lives there’s often not time to shop for fresh ingredients or prepare dishes from scratch. So that’s why I’ve combined Eastern wisdom with Western tastes to bring you our natural, nutrient-packed super-bars, to make it easier for you to get the nutrition you need. Whether you’re planning a family, are pregnant, breastfeeding, need some nourishment to help you recover after giving birth - or are a tired parent in need of some TLC - Freida’s Pantry can help!

We are proud to be supporting Mama Academy and their work towards healthy pregnancies.


Recommended by top midwives and maternity consultants, these wholesome bars are packed with nourishing nuts and seeds, making them the perfect ‘food for the fourth trimester’ to recover from giving birth and for breastfeeding mums.

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You are what you eat, and never more so when you’re planning a pregnancy or already carrying a child. Our nutrient-dense bars are power-packed with natural nuts and seeds, vitamins and minerals to support natural fertility.

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A LITTLE slice of health in your hand, Freida’s Super Charged Food is the healthy way to power through your day. Suitable for anyone looking to eat well, the Super Charged bars are a natural boost your body - and tummy - will love!

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